Sweden – Forests, Lakes And Delicious Cakes

In the middle of our Norway jaunt we hopped over the border into Sweden for 6 days, and this was a total contrast to the Norwegian experience.

The area that we explored is known as Dalarna and is in Central Sweden. There were no great mountain ranges here (although the Southern Kungsleden Trail starts in this region), but it definitely had a very easy-going and relaxing charm about it. We found rolling hills with deserted ski resorts, wandered through forests and by isolated lakes, walked along what is probably the longest lake pier in the world at Rattvik and frequented delightful little coffee shops with the most delicious cakes.

The weather here was much warmer and sunnier than further west in Norway – almost too hot at times – and the only downside to this, was that it brought the mozzies out at times.

Tilly had one very close shave though on a walk here. Being a Labrador, she’s forever sticking her nose into things that don’t concern her, and on this particular day she decided to try and shove an adder about. I have to say that I’ve never seen a snake strike in real life before, but this one launched itself twice at Tilly’s nose – with its mouth open too – and she’s very lucky that the snake was obviously just doing ‘warning’ strikes or she would certainly have been bitten.

Back on the subject of delicious things to eat, a few months ago at home, Geoff and I had discovered Magnum ice creams and had fallen into the most inexcusable and shameful habit of making sure there is always a stock of them in the freezer….so imagine our further delight with all things Swedish when we discovered that here, you could not only buy the White Chocolate flavour ones (our favourite), but that they also sell a ‘White-Chocolate-With-Strawberry-Ice-Cream-In-The-Middle’ variety!

Yes, Sweden definitely had a lot going for it…


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Love being out on the moors and mountains, backpacking, dogs, travelling generally. Favourite place in the world - Yosemite National Park. Retired teacher and ex Mountain Rescue Deputy Team Leader. Married to Geoff, who puts up with all sorts.
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15 Responses to Sweden – Forests, Lakes And Delicious Cakes

  1. beatingthebounds says:

    Lovely slide-show.
    White chocolate is just plain wrong. Now strawberry ice-cream with dark chocolate – that would be just the ticket. Are you listening Walls?
    I was thoroughly indoctrinated by my Dad who played non-stop Johnny Cash at us. I find the American Recording albums very moving.


  2. Wow – lucky escape for Tilly! 😮

    I always try to avoid Magnums as they’re way too expensive and I prefer the Mars ice-creams – they’re totally delicious!


  3. The prospect of the dog being bitten by an adder is one that sometimes worries me – we see them rarely in the UK, but a sunny day can bring them out. ‘Mist’ is big for a Border Collie at nearly 20kgs, and I wouldn’t fancy having to carry her off the hill if she was bitten.


    • I used to know someone (Nicky Lyons?) from the Dartmoor SARDA group, whose dog nearly died after being bitten by an adder. Couldn’t imagine how we’d carry Tilly off – she weighs about 33kg.


      • Actually, a couple of years ago, I nearly stood on one myself on the moors above Hamsterley Forest and later that week in the forest, the dogs found a dead (luckily) one and were throwing it around from one to the other. No common sense between the pair of them…


  4. backpackingbongos says:

    Love a bit of Johnny Cash myself.

    Lucky that the adder did not bite. The occassions that I have seen them I have nearly stood on them and they struck out at me. The last time was at Hamsterley forest. Sweden is a jolly nice place……………..


    • I think we might just have nearly every album Johnny Cash has ever made 🙂

      I do remember when I nearly stood on a coiled up adder, that I lost every cool point I might have had by screaming, running away and then putting my trousers and gaiters back on. (I had been wearing shorts.) Tilly was indeed very lucky though. I dread to think how it could have turned out.

      And yes, Sweden might not have had all the grandeur where we were, but there was something about the place that seemed to make those 6 days almost the most chilled of the holidays. We’d definitely go back and explore more of the country.


  5. surfnslide says:

    Splendid slide-show, I feel totally relaxed now, so relaxed I’ve burnt my curry on the hob!
    What are the Aldi Magnums called, I have theory that all Aldi brands have similar names but not quite right. I bet Magnums are called “Luger” or “Spudgun” or something like that.
    Mark introduced me to Johnny Cash – highest quality. I used a version of “Wayfaring Stranger on one of my posts last year by a guy called Eric Bibb who is also rather good:


    • Hi Andy, glad you’re all chilled now, but I hope your curry’s still edible! Geoff (who does all the food shopping), can’t remember what the Aldi Magnums are called, but he says they’re not hard to find. They do only seem to come in milk or white chocolate flavour in Aldi though, no almond or caramel ones I’m afraid. I wish they were called ‘Spudgun’ – I like that! As it happens, the only ones in the freezer at the moment are actually real Magnums ‘cos they were on special when we called in at the Co-Op for something the other day.
      I listened to your Eric Bibb version of Wayfaring Stranger and it was rather nice. I don’t have any Eric Bibb albums, but I do happen to have one of his tracks on a compilation CD I made up. Can’t remember the name of it…I could sing it to you, but you wouldn’t hear it from there…


      • surfnslide says:

        Perhaps you should record yourself singing the song and put the video up on the blog…..
        I almost put some video of me singing by the fire in Rum but decided I’d like to people to come back to my blog 🙂


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