Scandinavia Here We Come!

It’s that school holiday time again. This time, Derbyshire schools get a week longer than Tameside schools so – surprise, surprise – I’m taking the Derbyshire break.

We’ve got a few ‘firsts’ this summer though. First time in Scandinavia (although I’ve wanted to go for years),  first time away for as long as 5 weeks (we usually go for 3) and first time taking the doggies abroad (they’re usually suffering horrendous loneliness and torture in doggy prison).

Consequently, the dogs have had their rabies jabs etc and have been duly issued with passports.

Tilly is so excited at the thought of international travel, that she just doesn’t know what to do with herself,

whereas Dixie is finding the whole thing very worrying.

What if I’m sea sick? What if I don’t like the food? What if I can’t make myself understood? What if the immigration officers don’t think I look like the photo in my passport?

I think their passport photos are quite good likenesses really.

This is Dixie’s

and this is Tilly’s,

and in a few day’s time we’re setting off on our trek and Dixie’s blog will go quiet for several weeks.

We’re driving down to Dover and crossing the channel to Dunkerque, then going up through Northern Europe to the tip of Denmark and catching a ferry from Hirtshals across to Kristiansand in Norway. After that we’re pretty flexible. We’ve not doing any backpacking trips but hope to get lots of day walks and wanderings done, as we meander northwards. Maybe as far as the Arctic Circle, maybe not. What we don’t actually want to end up doing though is driving all the time just for the sake of getting up to 66 degrees north. Half way through the holiday we then plan to cross over into Sweden – wave to James across the miles of Arctic Tundra – and meander back south through the Swedish countryside. We’ve even got two series of Wallander on dvd to take with us……

And my best wishes also to everyone else out there with trips and holidays planned for the summer – wherever they take you, take care and have fun!

15 thoughts on “Scandinavia Here We Come!

  1. Have a great trip! We were thinking about travelling on the continent next year and taking ‘Mist’ along – you will have to pass on ang doggy tips/pitfalls/problems when you get back, but hopefully it will all be straight forward.


    1. Thanks Paul – yes, hopefully it will all go fine or Dixie will be in a tizz!
      We have discovered that there are another couple of hoops to jump through for Norway, so they have to go to our vets as we set off on Wednesday to get a ‘fox worm’ treatment and then we have to find a vet in Norway within the first 7 days for a second ‘fox worm’ treatment – and of course all this has to be entered into their passports.
      It’s quite exciting though!


  2. Have an absolutely delightful trip. Tilley and Dixie have the most beautiful passport photos. Great big virtual farewell hugs to you all!


  3. Have a great trip Chrissie, it will be a blast. I’ll wave when I look over into Norway from Sweden in a few weeks.


  4. I think you’ve already gone but in case you check your blog messages, have a top notch trip! Looking forward to the posts and photos of the adventures with baited breath. The Surfnslide family are off on our usual trip to South France taking in some walking in the Monts Dome, kayaking in the Tarn Gorge, pool antics at the villa, walking in the Pyrenees and more kayaking in the Dordogne


    1. Hi andy and mark. Yes in norway now and on total scenery overload! Lots of rain but still having a great time. Dogs enjoying being international dogs of the world too! Have a good summer yourselves 🙂


  5. We are planning on taking our dogs to Norway this winter, how did you find a vets in Norway, is there a list anywhere and were the pet passports checked upon entry to Norway at customs? Did you have to notify them in advance of your arrival? Any information you have got regarding this would be really useful! Our dogs have traveled abroad a lot, to France, Italy and Sweden in the last year so we are familiar with the requirements for returning to the UK but are struggling to get a reply from Norway regarding the information above! I have probably got a few more questions too, is there an alternate way I could contact you with these or if preferred I could provide you with my email address?Thanks


    1. Hi, Thanks for dropping by! The dogs had to have a worming treatment within the 7 days prior to entry in Norway, and this has to be detailed in their passports. (It’s just the same worming treatment as they have before re-entry into the UK.) And yes, their passports were checked on entry into Norway. It is up to you to make sure you go through the ‘something to declare lane’ and declare them though. You don’t have to notify them in advance of your arrival – I think that’s just if you’re emigrating. Once in Norway, they then have to have another worming treatment within 7 days of your entry – and again it obviously has to be put in their passports. We found it quite difficult to find a vets – I don’t know of any lists available. Eventually, we went to a tourist information office in a village we were passing through, and they were very helpful. They found a vet about 60 miles away from where we were, and then rang through, explained everything and made an appointment for us for later that day. We then relaxed and enjoyed the holiday! When we later crossed into Sweden and back again there were no checks or passport controls etc.
      Any more questions, feel free to contact me on


      Have a good holiday!


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