Going Retro In The Whites

In the absence of anything else to write about just at the moment – as well as the weather being lousy I’ve been snowed under with work since coming off the sick; can’t complain really – I thought I’d do another retro post.

Reading about Martin Rye’s  preparartions for his impending trip to do the 100 Mile Wildnerness this summer, inspired me to look up our photos from a trip we did to New England in 2006. We didn’t do anything quite as exciting as Martin is planning, but nevertheless spent three weeks in the White Mountains doing lots of day walks and a couple of 3 day backpacking routes.

We weren’t quite sure what to expect before we went as all our previous mountain trips to the States had been in the high mountains of the Rockies or the west and Geoff in particular, was very unsure as to whether he could stand constant walking in trees! I have to say that we were both pleasantly surprised though, at how much we enjoyed the region.

It was a lot busier than out west so solitude wasn’t as forthcoming, but compared to areas like the Peak District it was definitely quiet. Also, due to the much lower elevation of the summits than the likes of the Rockies, many of the tops were often tree covered, but the higher ones like Mt Washington were suitably treeless and windswept. The trails too were different. They were in fact harder – hardly any switchbacks at all, so much more straight up and down, whatever the steepness! Being a fairly small area as well, by US standards, you weren’t actually supposed to just pitch your tent anywhere in the back country like we’d been used to in areas like the Cascades, but had to stick to specific ‘sites’. These generally seemed to have wooden platforms that you had to put your tent on. Quite what you were supposed to do if you got to a place tired and all the wooden platforms were taken, we weren’t sure. Luckily, we were never in that position. In many areas mind, the trees and undergrowth were so thick that it would have been nearly impossible to pitch up if a spot hadn’t been been artificially cleared and a platform put down.

Suffice to say though, we had a fantastic time and certainly wouldn’t say no to another visit in the future. I did however, get a funny looking bite thing part way through the trip that started to develop red rings around it, and within a week of arriving home again came down with a nasty bout of a ‘flu like illness, so consequently found myself being treated for Lyme Disease. The treatment has changed since, but at that time it was 3 month’s worth of Doxycycline. It’s only a fortnight of the stuff now apparently.

Anyway, rather than posting individual photos I’ve been playing around with Movie Maker again, so here’s a short video. (I forgot to put what the music is at the end of the movie – it’s ‘Easy Silence’ by the Dixie Chicks.)

8 thoughts on “Going Retro In The Whites

  1. I’ve only ever picked up one tick, and I’m pretty sure it hitched a ride on ‘Mist’ then jumped ship onto me – swiftly removed with an O’Tom Tick Twister, highly recommended.

    Well off topic, but do you have a tick problem with ‘Dixie’? ‘Mist’ has had a couple over the last year, but we started using ‘Frontline Combo’ monthly as a recommended means of tick control. I check her after being in likely areas, but the ticks are dead by the time I come to remove them.


    1. Hi Paul, we’ve always had problems with the odd tick with the dogs, but never really worried about it – just pulled them out. However, a couple of summers ago in the Cairngorms, when the dogs were both picking up loads of them, we got up one morning and it was obvious that Tilly was feeling very poorly. Off her food, burning up with a temperature, wouldn’t get out of bed etc. When we got home a couple of days later we took them both to the vets, and given the tick history, two vets examined them both and decided that Tilly definitely had Lyme Disease and Dixie almost definitely had it. Until then, we hadn’t any idea that dogs could actually get it! Cost us £180 in antibiotics……! Since then we’ve Frontlined them every month and like you say, the ticks now seem to be dead by the time you notice and remove them.


    1. Hi Andy, thanks 🙂
      Yes, you had to be a bit creative putting the tent up. You couldn’t use any of your tent pegs of course, and on the first trip we didn’t have any extra cord with us either to help extend the guy lines. In fact, I can’t actually remember how we sorted it!
      The tent floor was also a bit unforgiving on those slats too.


  2. Is that were Bill Bryson went for his ‘Walk In the Woods’?
    An entertaining film that – it looks very alluring. Another place to add to the huge hit list. So many places, so little time….


  3. Yes Bill did do quite a bit of the Appalachian Trail in that area. I love that book – I’ve read it over and over so many times. It’s a book that really makes me laugh and cheers me up whenever I feel a little out of sorts!


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