The Pennine Way – The Musical

I know how daft this will sound to all you IT minded people out there, but we only just discovered Windows Movie Maker a couple of weeks ago. Almost impossible to believe isn’t it?

And then, just last Thursday as we were browsing John Lewis toying with the idea of treating ourselves to a new TV, we discovered that modern TVs have wifi and link up with the computer and you can play your movies on the TV……….!!! Talk about exciting!

So, present to ourselves was bought and Geoff made a movie about his trip to Morroco on his precious BMW (and it’s every bit as good as ‘The Long Way Round’ – not that I’m biased you understand) and I made a musical about the Pennine Way!

‘Oh no!’ I hear you all cry, but I just had to post it, didn’t I…? (It only lasts eight minutes……have a brew at the same time……)


10 thoughts on “The Pennine Way – The Musical

  1. Nope I totally believe the first paragraph!

    You can’t beat a bit of Elbow though. I fondly call it ‘dad rock’ but I like nether the less.


    1. ‘Dad rock’ – I like that!
      Don’t know if you’ve already set off for your secret spot tonight, but it’s absolutely airless up here. Think we’ve just narrowly missed a thunderstorm too. I’m sure you’ll have a grand night though! 🙂


  2. I made a cup of tea. I sat back. I relaxed. I enjoyed.
    Very nice.
    Did it take a lot of doing, only I seem to have Moviemaker on my computer too.


    1. Thanks Mark, glad you enjoyed it 🙂
      Making the movie on the Moviemaker was actually dead easy and didn’t really take long at all. What did take a long time was loading it on to the blog. I started downloading it at about 11:00 yesterday morning and it still wasn’t finished when I left for work at noon. So, I just left it sorting itself out and by the time I got home again at about 4pm, it was done! Trouble is, I don’t know if it took 2 hours or 5 hours…


  3. Well that was rather splendid. Really enjoyed spotting all the locations, some were familier others I wasn’t so sure. Great fun making the movies as well especially when you watch them on the TV. I even enjoyed the music, I downloaded a load of Elbow stuff but after a quick listen I wasn’t sure I liked it but it worked really well with the video.

    I expect to see lots more now you’ve got the bug


    1. Well thanks for your kind comment Andy. There may well have been bits you might not have recognised as I did occasionally do my own minor variations, while still generally in a northern direction!

      And yes, there are plans to hopefully do a few more musical accompaniments with the occasional blog… 🙂


  4. Brill!! 🙂

    I also recognised a good number of the locations – it looks as though I’ve done more of the PW (in bits) than I realised. ;-D

    Great way to present it, and co-star Dixie was great – such an expressive face! My workaholic Border Collie won’t stand still long enough for a photo!

    AND loved the music – off now to find out more about Elbow (after I’ve played that video again 😉 )


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