Official Discharge!

Well, I have this morning been officially discharged from the fracture clinic at Stepping Hill and been handed over to the physio department. I’ve lots of exercises to do and hope now to be gradually increasing the distance I’m walking each day. Hubby Geoff is finally due back from his 4 week jaunt to Morocco on Monday (he was due back last Thursday but the Santander/Plymouth ferry was cancelled due to bad weather, so he’s currently enjoying himself in a nice hotel near Bilbao waiting for the next ferry on Saturday), and part of his brief  when he gets back will be to take me out walking – never mind the dogs! Although I can wander around quite happily on the flat, I do need a hand to hold still on slopes and  uneven ground.

So, I guess it’s now pretty much up to me to work hard and get myself out there again asap!

And I’ve also come up with a new chat-up line for anyone who might be in need of one:

‘Hi there, do you want to feel my callus?’

18 thoughts on “Official Discharge!

  1. Recovery always time Chrissie, you will get there. Persevere, small slow steps, in time you will recover your hill fitness. Wishing you well.


  2. Yes, the summer is now officially allowed to start Alex!
    Just looking at the weather forecast and it would seem that Saturday night and Sunday might still be somewhat choppy coming through the Bay of Biscay (the journey takes about 24 hours), and Geoff’s not a good sailor at the best of times…


  3. Nice one Chrissie, hold back from the skateboarding for a while though. That is a pretty weak chat-up line but probably better than my efforts which are far to base for public airing 🙂


  4. It must be awful being stranded in an hiotel in Bilbao…. the puir mite…
    What do you call your callus? – Maria?


    1. Thanks Martin. I’m certainly looking forward to getting active again. I’ve been looking at the Peddars Way recently and thinking that might be something to aim for in a couple of months – ie: something not too hilly to start with. I believe that’s over your way isn’t it?


  5. Good to hear that the cast is now off and you will soon be able to hobble into the hills. As for your chat up line, it is obvious that you are a little bit out of practice. Although what do I know? Callus touching may be a popular thing these days…………


  6. Well I must be very rusty James ‘cos the general consensus does seem to be that my chat up line isn’t the best! Anyway I’m hoping it won’t be too long before I can do some day jaunts round the Peak District.


  7. Good news! Looking forward to your Peddars Way report(s). And to your account of what happens when you test drive that chat up line. Should make interesting reading!


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