‘Specially For Dog Lovers

Yet another post which shows just how much time I’ve got on my hands at the moment…

The other day I was telling Paul Shorrock about the Border Collie we used to have and thought that it might be nice to put up some photos of her. She was called Ragga and accompanied us in the hills for many years, living to the age of 12. In her younger days she did start training with SARDA, although Geoff actually gave this up after a couple of years as he became Team Leader of the local MR team and felt that he couldn’t devote the time necessary to both roles – something had to give.

The more observant of you will notice a couple of details in the photos. Firstly, many of the piccies have my previous Boxer, Cleo, in them. Unfortunately, Cleo died relatively young at the age of 9, but she was also a mountaineering Boxer just like Dixie.

Secondly, you might also notice that when much younger, Dixie had a beautiful, black muzzle – a little different from the very distinguished, wise-looking, grey one she has now!

And lastly, I apologise for the quality  – most of the photos have had to be scanned in from prints.

13 thoughts on “‘Specially For Dog Lovers

  1. Ahhh! Lovely old photos Chrissie. Must have really brought back some great memories and probably a little tear I imagine. Really makes me think back to my dog Harry who used to travel the hills with us, he died young as well, only 7.


    1. You’re not wrong there, Andy! And doesn’t every dog just look the cutest thing in the world when they’re about 10 weeks old? They all have their own totally unique characters too. Have you not thought of getting another one then?


      1. Kind of hard with the lifestyle we have and wouldn’t have a dog unless we could be totally committed. My heart would love one (and so would the kids) but my head says no 😦

        I’ll have to make do with regular updates and photos of all my favourite blog-dogs 🙂


    1. Hi (What do I call you now?!), thanks! Making progress with the leg. Am walking up and down our street each day – with the boot on and using crutches – but also discovered last night that I can now manouvre around the house with just one crutch. Can’t believe the excitement I’m getting from these little milestones!


      1. as long as it isn’t slanderous you can call me what you want 🙂 Must be frustrating , how long before you loose the boot ?


        1. Friday 27th April – and hopefully that will be my last appointment with the conusltant. He did actually say that I could try without the boot a couple of weeks before then if I felt up to it, but I’m just not sure yet. Geoff’s going away on Sunday, which means I’ll be on my own for a few weeks, and I don’t know if I’ll want to try something new without back-up in the house!


  2. Well I have to admit I do have a soft spot for Collies too. The Boxers have always been great in the hills though – very sure footed and lots of stamina. The one thing they’re not so good at though, is extremes of temperature. They can struggle in both heatwaves and arctic stuff. The cold of course is fairly easy to deal with, Dixie manages fine with her ‘Scandinavian Snow Suit’, but I need to carry extra water for her in the summer and sometimes have to leave her at home. She doesn’t like that…..


  3. Lovely photos Dixie, I love dogs. Oddly enough enough some people look surprised when I meet folk out walking with dogs and I stop to make a fuss of their dogs. There is a doggy bit in my next write up. Hope you are healing well? Hang in there Dixie.


  4. Hi Dawn, thanks for that. I have to admit I couldn’t imagine not having a dog in my life. They give so much and they’re all such great characters.
    Making some progress I think with the ankle – now wandering around (still with the boot of course), with only one crutch! In fact I’m now starting to ‘dare’ to think about some stuff I might get up to later in the year….


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