A Visit From The Pieman

For those of you who don’t already know (which is probably nobody), there is apparently an English TGO gathering at the Snake Inn in the Dark Peak this weekend. So a few days ago, I mentioned to The Pieman that Geoff was planning on making some home-made, double chocolate chip cookies – reason enough for calling in for a cuppa after his Peak District wander on the Saturday.

Dixie greeted him with her usual grumpy reticence – I think she was secretly a bit upset that Bruno wasn’t with him actually – but quickly decided that he was in fact an ‘OK chap’ and safe to snuggle up next to on the sofa.

I have to say that Geoff’s double chocolate chip cookies did not disappoint (melt-in-the-mouth round the edges and chewy in the middle), and a very pleasant couple of hours was spent in The Pieman’s company. Tales were related of TGO Challenges from years gone by, making me even more impatient to finally retire from work and have a go. (As a teacher, the Challenge is currently a non-starter as it takes place in term time.)

And by the end of the visit, he not only had Tilly begging to be rescued from these cruel people who don’t feed her enough, Dixie had graced him with the ‘giving of her paw’. An endorsement indeed.

Thanks for calling in Mike – lovely to meet you!

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