Dixie Says She’s Gonna E-Mail The RSPCA…

She says it’s just not on. Mum and her leg have totally taken over the sofa, and now her and Tilly have to share a chair!


10 thoughts on “Dixie Says She’s Gonna E-Mail The RSPCA…

  1. I share my life with an 85 pound, very handsome Boxer named Wyatt Earp. He is my fourth Boxer canine angel. Life is infinitely funnier and full of laughter with a Boxer!


  2. Hi Southwestdesertlover, thanks for stopping by! They are such incredible characters aren’t they? Dixie is my 4th boxer too, since I left home at the age of 18, but my parents always had boxers as well so I grew up with a whole lot of boxer love.
    I had a look at your site and those photos are wonderful. I’ve been lucky enough to visit many of the places you mention, like Lake Powell, Hells Canyon, Grand Canyon etc.
    Funnily enough, I also like flying (but as a passenger!) and am mad about helicopters, so loved the photo of the Chinooks. I have a small collenction of die-cast helicopters at home…


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