Frost And Blue Skies

What wonderful weather it’s been today (Saturday) – far too good to waste on mundane things. A walk was definitely called for.

Geoff  is currently recovering from a bout of ‘man-flu’, so didn’t quite feel up to going on Kinder, but was nevertheless keen to get out. So we decided to do ‘our circuit’. (It’s a bit sad really, but we have names for routes that we regularly do.)

This circuit is just under 7 miles long and takes in Lantern Pike and Matley Moor on the western side of the A624, and then crosses over to the eastern side of the road to take in Carr Meadow (at the bottom of Hollingworth Clough) and Middle Moor, before dropping back down to go past Park Hall. The A624 is then crossed again at Little Hayfield and a path picked up to go back to Hayfield.

The road that you initially take out of our village is known as the Sitch and this climbs up towards the track that goes off towards Lantern Pike.

Looking back towards the village:

Lantern Pike is usually quite a windy spot, but not today. There are some great views of Kinder from the top.

On the far side of Lantern Pike a track is picked up, which takes you round to Matley Moor.

This route also happens to go past the farmhouse that I grew up in as a teenager.

When we bought the farm mind, in the early 70s, it didn’t look anything like that. It was only half the size and practically a ruin. It only had one ‘habitable’ room in it and no electricity or running water. We moved in regardless though, and my dad spent all his spare time for about seven years, doing it up and building an extension which doubled the size of the place. After we moved in it was about 12 months before we had any electricity and then a further 6 months before the running water got sorted! It was actually great fun, and I have wonderful memories of it.

This was the view of Kinder that I used to have from my bedroom window.

I’m sure I didn’t really realise how lucky I was!

After crossing the A624 we stopped for lunch just above Carr Meadow.

A bridge takes you across the stream in Hollingworth Clough and then there’s a short climb onto Middle Moor.

Dropping down to Park Hall there’s a small ford, leading to a short, picturesque lane that takes you to Little Hayfield.

Little Hayfield is then only 10 minutes walk from home.

It was a lovely walk, in beautiful weather and has only been marred by the fact that Tilly has obviously hurt one of her front paws with all her manic dashing about, and is currently hopping round the house on three legs, feeling very sorry for herself!

12 thoughts on “Frost And Blue Skies

  1. you certainly have lots of anecdotes on your walks. First it is hubby no.1 and now it is the farmhouse you grew up in. Lovely little aside about the house, its experiences like that which help define who we are.
    Hope Geoff and Tilly both feel better soon!


    1. It must be because I’m so old. I’ve got so much useless stuff stuck in my head – Geoff’s always saying that I should empty my recycle bin more often!
      Funnily enough, Geoff’s looking a lot better now, having downed half a bottle of wine…


  2. I’m a bit surprised that you recognised the house! What a lovely place to grow up – I have my own, very happy teenage memories of the Hayfield area, but these were day-trips and bank holiday family camps.
    Doesn’t everybody have names for their favourite regular circuits?


  3. I asked for that one, didn’t I?!
    Yes, growing up there was great fun. And the 70s seemed to be a time when we had proper snow too. Every year we had 3 or 4 days when we couldn’t get out at all – no school!


  4. Stunning day, must be great to have such great walking without having to get in the car. I’m pretty lucky having the Black Mountains and Brecons a short drive away but the local walking from the house is pretty bland.
    “Empty your Recycle Bin” – made me laugh did that. I’ve been thinking alot lately about how cool it would be if we could access our brains the same way as a computer file system and delete some old stuff. Would have been handy last year to delete all the folders containing trivia that comes in handy for Trivial Pursuit and make space for a new folder that contained the date when I needed to do my tax return so I wouldn’t have got fined!


  5. Do you know, we’ve never visited South Wales at all? The Black Mountains and the Brecons are areas we need to explore sometime.
    Apparently I have all the wrong stuff filed in my memory banks – although I don’t always agree with Geoff on that point – whereas Geoff says he only holds on to relevant stuff…
    Fancy not having your tax return date in a folder though! 😀


    1. I was a trifle annoyed at getting a fine!
      If you need some inspiration to explore South Wales the there is a mighty fine blog out there with plenty of high quality routes and stunning photos……………


  6. Well, I am a tedious old git and that is top notch idea Pete. Too many young people around who think that life’s luxuries are in fact necessities, doing without the real necessities might wake them up a bit.
    Blimey – I’ve turned into my Dad!


  7. Looks like I have missed the best day on the hills so far this day. Sadly I was in deepest darkest Suffolkshire, no hills there!

    You are lucky having all that moorland stuff right on your doorstep Chrissie.


    1. It was rather a nice day to be out, but I’m sure your visit to Suffolk didn’t go unappreciated.
      You’re right, we’re very fortunate to live in such a lovely area. We try not to take it for granted!


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