Now We Are Three

Tilly has been very pensive all last week.

We think it’s because her third birthday was coming up and in labrador circles that seems to mean that you’re ‘all grown up’. We’re not sure that Tilly is really ready for all the responsibility that goes with adulthood.

Anyway, although her actual birthday is today (Sunday), we knew we wouldn’t have the chance to take her on a reasonable walk this morning, so opted for yesterday morning instead for a wander. We are extremely fortunate where we live in the Peak District, in that we can leave our front door and go out walking for anything from 2 miles to 20 miles – given the time and the inclination – but again we were strapped for time a bit even yesterday, so decided on a 4-miler.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous. We left Hayfield village in a SE direction along Highgate Road, then picked up an ancient trackway known as Dimpus Gate.

This took us up towards Mount Famine. The small ridge in front of Mount Famine was then crossed, giving us wonderful views of Kinder – pity we hadn’t had time to go up there really on a such a lovely day.

The path was then followed down towards Tunstead Clough, and then back along Kinder Road. Bowden Bridge car park was passed (the site of the mass trespass in 1932), and then we took the footpath alongside Hayfield campsite and the river to get back into the village.

Both dogs got very muddy and very happy.

For Tilly’s actual birthday today, her big human-sister Abi came over, along with her boyfriend Dave. The doggies were even more happy, as Abi lets them get away with anything!

Jumbones were enjoyed all round and then to finish off her birthday, Tilly sang a special birthday song.

4 thoughts on “Now We Are Three

  1. Happy Birthday to Tilly! The video made Reuben retire to his bed is anguish……….

    I very nearly went to the Peaks on Sat but the forecast on Friday did not look too promising, was kicking myself yesterday afternoon!


    1. Yes, yesterday was lovely and then today has been all foggy and cold. Actually I’ve decided that the trick is not to believe anything the weather forecast says, unless it’s saying what you want it to say!


  2. Unfortunately I can`t see the video for some reason although the problem is likely to be at my end.
    I could hear it though but I`m not sure if it is Tilly or Abi singing or a combination of both 🙂
    Let`s hope it is Tilly….


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