When Dixie Met Reuben

Last weekend Dixie and I received an invite from James and Reuben – of  Backpackingbongos fame – to go for a wander in the Dark Peak. The initial plan was to walk together from Langsett, over Cut Gate and then James and Reuben would head off north along the Derwent watershed on a circular route, whilst Dixie and I would carry on down the valley to Fairholmes where hubby Geoff and Tilly would pick us up.

The weather wasn’t a bit like the forecast. All across the moors it was damp and drizzly, chilly and windy, and a bit clagged in. No nice views! Still, a very enjoyable walk was had and I obviously talked non-stop as I only took two photos all day.

Once at the watershed point, where it was time for James and Reuben to head off into the clouds towards Outer Edge (I love that name, it always makes me think of the Twilight Zone), it didn’t seem to take much to persuade James and Rueben to continue on with us down towards the reservoirs.

A snack break was had just as we started to drop down from the top. Still no views though and cold enough that Dixie started shivering and ended up with her jacket on to try and keep warm. By the time we reached Slippery Stones however, the views had opened up a touch, the wind had dropped and the temperature had increased a little.

Geoff and Tilly turned up at Howden Reservoir too, as they’d decided to walk up and meet us after parking up at Fairholmes.

The track down past Howden and Derwent was really pleasantly quiet for a Sunday afternoon, and the trees were still clothed in some absolutely stunning autumnal colours.

The three dogs got on very well – it wasn’t chaotic at all! Tilly and Reuben had some good runs and roly-polys together off the lead, and even Dixie (who can be a very grumpy old lady at times) surpassed herself with her good manners. In fact, I’m sure I even saw her give Reuben a kiss at the end of the day…

(James’ excellent write up of the walk can be viewed here.)

2 thoughts on “When Dixie Met Reuben

  1. …..It was getting a litle unruly and had to go, I have got a new one on order though from Manfur. It was a pleasure to walk with you Chrissie. Rueben has been talking non stop about his two new girlfriends Dixie and Tilly. It was odd seeing Tilly and Reuben in the back of the car after the walk as at first glance it looked like Reuben and Dougal had been reunited.

    Another day in the hills will have to be arranged.


    1. We’ll have to try and organise better views for next time!

      If I remember rightly, wasn’t the last beard you had from Manphur – is that a different company to Manfur? Are the Manfur ones slightly better quality?


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